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  • Think it's impossible to enjoy dating or even have fun with the online thing? 
  • Do you feel beginnings are nerve-racking and endings are rejections?
  • Are you afraid you're not good enough to date?
  • Not feeling sexy, smart, funny, interesting and attractive?

Join us for a mental regroup and let's recalibrate your approach to dating. We'll show you an easy and authentic way to prioritize fun and adventure.

It's time to stop mentally rushing to the finish line. We don't want you to miss the journey and overlook the story of your dating life. If you're not gathering a few fun stories, it's a sure sign you're due for a DATING MENTAL RESET.  

Jaya the Trust Coach  and Abbey LeVine, creator of LeVine InterVention, are joining forces and combining their backgrounds to jumpstart your reboot.  Jaya is a card-carrying lesbian and established life coach who is skilled in mindset reprogramming. Inspired by Abbey's intrepid approach to dating, Jaya suggested a collaboration.  As Abbey noticed she was getting very positive feedback from men she is dating and that women wanted to know how, she agreed it was time to teach the tactics.

Want to RETRAIN your BRAIN, start fresh and get in on the fun? Then, it's time for your very own DATING MINDSET MAKEOVER. 

No more cowering on the sidelines.  Get into the dating game as a powerful woman with a playful sense of adventure. We'll boost your confidence and oust your self defeating thoughts.

Let us take you from fear to FIERCE. 

Give us an hour and we'll give you tools and techniques for approaching your dating life as a grand experiment.  

Enter your info below and the call-in number with details will be emailed directly to you. 

In love,  

Jaya and Abbey